Manymals – un capriciu moale

Manymals, semnate Markus Diebel.
Conceptul cuprinde miscarea animalelor care “atarna’ in mod natural, facand din micul bijou de argint un capriciu molatec si cu personalitate proprie, pe langa un dar simpatic.
Liberul unui gest de lasare in gol, raceala metalului sculptat, fluiditatea design-ului…
Prima parte a colectiei se numeste “The Wild Ones”, trimitand cu gandul la organizatia Wild Aid.

Minimalist si eco-friendly, fiecare ambalaj spune povestea manymalul-ui din interior:

” They do most things while hanging upside down in the trees of Central and South America. That’s why their organs are positioned upside down and their hair grows grows downward toward gravity. Their extreme slowness and special fur, inhabited by greenish algae and all kinds of insects helps them to camouflage themselves. Their long claws help them to defend themselves from jaguars and eagles but also help them hook  safely onto trees for nearly 40 years.

Unless they opt to leave sooner…slowly.

W24/H27/D11 (mm)
18.4g of solid sterling silver
20″ sterling silver chain 1mm incl.
5% of sales go to “

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