It’s time

“this is you. you look like a everyday person.
but you’re actually a super hero. and you want to change the world, you know, make it a better place.

but you keep it a secret, you don’t let anyone know, except maybe a few close friends. you’re afraid that if you said it at loud people would laugh, and it’s not fun to be laughed at. you also know you were put here for a reason. […]

everyone has their own purpose just like you have yours. your heart is calling you, it’s saying dude, it’s time to wear that cape in public. but you’re afraid, people may laugh, or the cape may get caught in the subway or what if you chose the wrong color cape.
but you know it’s time so get ready to take the leap. the world needs you.

remember: there is something stronger and greater inside of you than any obstacle or challenge you may face. now go out and do what you’re here to do: go save the world.”

– Jenny Shih

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