Physical space affects learning

A giant iceberg with a cinema system, blue stairs, a climb-able tree top, a flexible lab and recreational areas, laptops everywhere and all sorts of other digital media.
My dream house or , actually, this new project of a Stockholm school – Vittra – designed by Rosan Bosch.

The belief that physical space affects the learning process is not new, but in this case taken to a new level. It’s not just an aesthetically pleasing environment where children feel safe and encouraged to learn, it’s an open space oriented around their needs, pushing for new competencies.

The design is meant to be a reflection of the principles and methods applied in Vittra schooling. Much like the models of Google and Pixar, the space is organized collaboratively. Study groups are gathered by level, not by age. No more classrooms, instead “curiosity” and “creativity” are the main directions.

The child in me is kicking around with joy when looking at the blackboard house full of chalk drawings and the ceiling wide window for gazing at the stars. 🙂

Lots more pictures here, along with the floor plan

Images courtesy of Rosan Bosch