SPA in a cup of tea

People say there’s nothing a nice relaxing bath can’t solve.
Add a few bubbles in there to fade out even the toughest problems. The dynamic behind is quite simple: you soak in, while the bubbles take hostage each and every negative thought/worry/concern, wrap them up and wash them away.

I love the Esther Horchner “bath” tea set.
It seems like extreme relaxation for an autumn day. Let’s call it Monday. I love the details of  it and the “oh, so” feeling it (disturbingly) breaks into you.

I totally recommend it to begin your week with. At least hide your phone under a pillow and stare at the picture for 30 seconds – it does wonders.

For a complete spa treatment, click here.

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p.s.: doesn’t her website just charm you altogether ? I couldn’t help to add a preview of it below.